National Competitions

Verden is the most important hippological centre in the horse country of Lower Saxony. It is the centre of the Hanoverian breed, and it is the place where the training and auction centre is located, selling more than 1200 horses annually, more than 50% of them to foreign countries; in 2009 to 32 different nations.

It is no surprise that visitors from near and far are also interested in the national classes. They contribute to the fact that for these championships, approx. 30% of the visitors come from abroad.

This is an advanced level dressage test for the 15 best riders up to the age of 25, nominated by the German National Olympic Committee DOKR in Warendorf.

Hanoverian Riding Horse Championships
A special highlight will be the class for the best three- and four-year-old Hanoverian riding horses. The best of them will be nominated for the Federal Championships in Warendorf.

There will be again the Hanoverian Show Jumping Championships for four- to six- year-old horses. This competition series with prominent competitors was held in Verden for the first time in 2007.