Hanoverian Dressage Horse Championships

Yet another highlight at the Festival: The Hanoverian Dressage Horse Championships
Verden International has always been known for presenting all levels of horse training. From novice to experienced elder horses – they all present their skills on the premises of the race track. Following the Hanoverian Riding and Show Jumping Championships, another extraordinary and particularly suitable highlight has now been added to the program: the Hanoverian Dressage Horse Championships.
While the other two championships have a long tradition in Verden, the new test will celebrate its debut this year:
The competition is designed for five- and six-year-old Hanoverian horses, equine athletes that have already accomplished their basic training and that are now on their way to start at the advanced level. The schedule will start with the qualifier for the Federal Championships of five- and six-year-olds – which means opening competition and qualifier for competitors of all breeds. The performances of the five-year-olds will be tested in elementary level dressage horse ability competitions, the six-year-olds will present their skills at the medium dressage level. The four best five- and six-year-old Hanoverian horses in the qualifier will then compete in the Final of the Hanoverian Dressage Horse Championships. The two 2016 Champions will be determined from these eight horses in total: The five-year-olds will again compete at the elementary dressage level, the six-year-olds in a final medium level dressage test.
Fascinating moments you should not miss. Because when the new champions accomplish their lap of honour, decorated with winner’s sash and celebrated by the audience, one thing will be sure: they will be in the spotlight for quite a long time. As many stars were already born in Verden!