Hanoverian Riding Horse Championships

The first public presentations in a still young career: The Riding Horse Championships
The competitions of three- and four-year-old Hanoverian riding horses are a special highlight. And there is a great deal at stake at the extensive premises of the race track as the judges will also nominate the candidates for the Federal Championships.
The Championships in Warendorf in September count among the most important national equestrian events where Germany’s best young horses will be crowned – and normally, representatives of the Hanoverian breed occupy top places. Therefore, it is even more important to shine with top performances in Verden. The three-year-olds have to achieve at least one time place one to five in a young horse development class to participate in Verden, the four-year-olds at least one time place one to three. And like every year, future medalists can be admired in Verden.